Friendly advice

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Words of Advice

During my years of playing, and living, i’ve received a great deal of great advice from a lot of great people. Following is a sampling of advice that pertains to being a good guitar player.

“Play from the heart”

“Mean what you play. Feel what you play”

“Sing what you play”

“When playing the guitar, think like a singer”

“When playing the guitar, think like a horn player”

“If it sounds nice, play it twice”

“Your ears are your most important resource. Listen and learn”

“Open your mind to others. Don’t just play what you know. Explore what you don’t know.”

“Learn from everyone”

“Steal every lick you can”

“Respect and learn from those who came before you. Teach those that are coming up”

“Music is a celebration”

“Music is thinking with notes”

“Do not play an electric guitar barefoot on a damp concrete, or other grounding surface” “EVER”