Robert can be contacted at 865.300.3648 or by email at robhigg@gmail.com

Monthly Lessons at  Open Chord Music School 

Robert provides lessons at Open Chord Music School in West Knoxville. These lessons are 1/2 hour each week and paid for by the month. The cost is $80 per month. There is a 25% discount available on the first month for new students.  Open Chord Music School is located at 8502 Kingston Pike, across from the Books-A-Million store.

2. Occasional Lessons

Robert also teaches “privately” by appointment.   Occasional lessons can be arranged for experienced players who just want to explore a subject of interest and do not need or want monthly lessons.   Call or write if interested.

3. Preprinted Lessons

These lessons are written by Robert and used with his students. They are intended to be used in conjunction with lessons, rather than solely as written lessons. You are welcome to download any lesson for your own personal use. If you are a current or former student, you are welcome to call with any questions concerning the lessons.

Before you buy a guitar

Tablature Notation

Major Scales 101 

Pentatonic Scales 101

Diatonic Triads

Power Chords 101

Chord Construction 101

Improvisation 101

Circle of Fifths 

Rhythm Guitar Basics

Rhythm Guitar I – V Bass Lines

Hammer – Ons and Pull – Offs 

Finger Development and Warm Up Exercises

Miscellaneous Finger Exercises 

The 24 Possible Left Hand Fingering Combinations

Fretboard Map

Practice Log Sheet

Breathing Technique 101

Microphone Techniques for Singing

Student Agreement Form